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At Wickersley, we expect a lot from our students, but we give a lot in return.

Wickersley Sixth Form offers a blend of freedom and independence, alongside the tried-and-tested working practices of a successful secondary school. Class sizes are small enough to allow teachers to focus on individuals, and the dedicated sixth form team is on hand to offer comprehensive support whenever needed.

We have a different feel to other sixth forms and colleges. We want our students to be independent learners, and we give them opportunities to do so, but we also want them to take ownership of their learning. For some students, this is a difficult balance to strike. Whilst some thrive in the freer environment that sixth form provides, some need a little more supervision and intervention and we’re there to provide any support necessary.

The recipe for success at Wickersley is simple; work hard, develop good study habits, listen carefully to feedback, and remain buoyant after disappointment and setbacks. Having dreams and goals is very important too – students must focus on these throughout their studies.

We aim to send every young person into the world able and qualified to play their full role in it.

Mr S Gaynor

Head of Sixth Form

Our Vision & Ethos

We aim to send every young person into the world able and qualified to play their full role in it.

At Wickersley, we value more than just grades.

We’re proud of how much we support our students for life beyond our sixth form.

Secondary school was a 5-year journey, and once Year 11 has ended, that journey is over. We see the sixth form as the beginning of a new 5-year journey, a journey which will lead to university, further training or the world of work. Alongside academic study, we provide numerous opportunities for students to develop and prepare for adult life through enrichment activities. We aim to encourage, challenge and support in equal measure. 

We expect our sixth-formers to embody the Wickersley Way and become exemplary.

Exemplary Expectations

Wickersley Sixth Form students must build on the progress made in the lower school and, with our support,  become exemplary:

Wickersley Sixth Form students are exemplary scholars They have mastered the skills and knowledge needed to be subject specialists. They communicate with confidence and finesse; verbally, non-verbally and in written work. They commit a great deal of time and effort to their studies. They form positive study habits and maintain them over time. They are project managers; they organise their time and studies effectively over a long period.

Wickersley Sixth Form students are exemplary role models They model flawless behaviour and attitude to their younger peers. They inspire their teachers to create a classroom dynamic that encourages their very best practice. They actively contribute to the wider school and community.

Wickersley Sixth Form students are exemplary citizens They are young adults who are discovering their sense of self; where they belong in society and how they can actively contribute to it. They are enriched and have broad horizons, understanding the diverse communities, opportunities, and experiences available within our society. They have the skill set to support themselves and others during relationship issues, and mental health and wellbeing challenges. They are passionate about their beliefs, appropriately challenging prejudice, discrimination, and injustice.

Wickersley Sixth Form students progress to exemplary destinations They have excelled in academic subjects. They make informed, impactful, and life-defining decisions about their future. Students identify a goal at the start of their studies and create a plan to get there. They have seized opportunities for meaningful work experience. Students leave Wickersley Sixth Form able and qualified, with broad horizons and strength of character.

Fulfilling Your Responsibilities

Wickersley Sixth Form students have responsibilities before, during and after Every Lesson. Our Every Lesson guidelines provide a recipe for success at sixth form:

Every Lesson

You know your target grade and current grade.

You know what you need to do before your next lesson, e.g., wider reading or homework.

You understand what knowledge and skills you need to master to reach the next level or grade.

You understand your learning journey, e.g., what topic you’re studying, and how this fits into what you studied before.

Every Lesson

You embody the subject way.

You complete all activities set by your teacher. 

You tell your teacher if you do not understand the content or how to perform a skill.

You volunteer answers to questions rather than waiting to be asked by your teacher.

You enter debate with your teachers and peers when appropriate. 

You communicate with confidence and finesse: verbally, non-verbally and in written work.

Every Lesson

You review your learning after the lesson and address any misunderstanding with your teacher.

You organise your time and studies effectively over a long period – you are a project manager.

You commit lots of time and effort to your learning by completing many hours of proactively study at home, e.e., past papers.

You act on the feeback provided by your teacher and improve your work. Afterwards, you seek additional feedback. 

You engage in extracurricular activities such as reading, podcasts and documentaries.


Our aim is to send students into the world able and qualified to play their full role in it. Whilst academic success plays a part in this, it is our personal development curriculum and the extra activities in school that teach students the characteristics and resilience to cope with life and thrive. 

The Wickersley Pledges help us do this. 

Wickersley is full of opportunities for students to grow and develop, many of which form our Pledges. Our Pledges encourage students to participate in experiences that will enhance their time at Wickersley Sixth Form and develop personal, academic and employability skills which will benefit them both in, and outside of the classroom.

These voluntary activities vary in difficulty, tiered bronze, silver and gold. Sixth form students should aim to complete as many Pledges as possible to evidence their personal development and employability.


Active Citizenship

Preparing you for life in modern society

  • We take risks
  • We plan for our future
  • We get involved

Life Skills

Equipping you to deal with a range of life experiences

  • We work hard
  • We take responsibility
  • We look after our wellbeing

Cultural Experiences

Enabling you to learn about your local community and support diversity

  • We support others
  • We show empathy
  • We believe in ourselves & celebrate achievement

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Here you can find some frequently asked questions from most students that come to Wickersley Sixth Form

Lower school

Sixth form

  • You usually study 10 subjects
  • 2 lessons per subject per week
  • Your timetable is full of lessons
  • You must wear the school uniform

  • You study 3 subjects, or equivalent, perhaps 4
  • You attend 4 lessons per subject per week
  • You will have several study periods on your timetable
  • There is no uniform, but you must follow our dress code
  • Our sixth form is smaller than most colleges, and fewer students attend, this means that typically, our classes are smaller.
  • Due to the smaller number of students, we are able to closely monitor their progress and organise intervention and support. 
  • Colleges may offer a greater variety of courses, including more work-based qualifications.
  • Colleges may give students a little more independence, whereas the sixth form works in a similar way to the lower school.

In sixth form, students have free periods that are designated as Independent Study time. This means they don’t have to attend class during those periods and can complete their work in the common room, at home, or anywhere else in the school.

Balancing work and relaxation is difficult at first. Our advice is to work hard at school during study periods.

If we feel that a student is struggling to use their Independent Study time effectively, some of their Independent Study periods will be converted to Directed Study where they will receive additional support.

All students participate in activities that supplement their studies.

These activities are designed to enhance their time at Wickersley Sixth Form and develop key skills that will benefit you them, and outside of the classroom.

Examples of enrichment courses we have covered before include:

First aid, work experience, sports, volunteering, cooking on a budget, pottery, EPQ, personal finance and budgeting, an introduction to psychology, an introduction to politics, BSL, paired reading and teaching assistant roles.

Class teachers will judge students’ effort and attainment several times throughout sixth form. Teachers will grade students’ overall effort in lessons, as well as other behaviours and characteristics. Students’ efforts will be graded as; Excellent, Good, Requires Improvement or Poor.

A summary of this information will be sent home to parents and carers.


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