Key Stage 5

Why study this course?

Biology offers a wide range of biological content and integrates theory with practical skills. It links to real life and the world around us. A well respected qualification that requires dedication and hard work but offers a great deal of satisfaction and sense of achievement. You will develop an extensive knowledge and understanding of different areas of biology and how these areas link together.


What will I study?

Year 12

  • Foundations in Biology: Cell structure, biological molecules, enzymes, biological membranes, cell division and differentiation.
  • Exchange and Transport: Exchange surfaces and breathing, transport in animals, transport in plants.
  • Biodiversity, Evolution and Disease: Communicable diseases, biodiversity, classification and evolution.


Year 13

  • Communication, Homeostasis and Energy: Excretion, communication and homeostasis, neuronal communication, hormonal communication, plant and animal responses, photosynthesis, respiration.
  • Genetics and Ecosystems: Cellular control, patterns of inheritance, manipulating genomes, cloning and biotechnology, ecosystems, populations and sustainability.


How will I be assessed?

To achieve an AS grade two exams will be taken at the end of Y12.

To achieve an A2 grade three exams will be taken at the end of Y13 (Y12 exams will be discounted).

Exams consist of a selection of multiple choice questions, short answers and extended responses. There is also a practical endorsement certificate that can be achieved by carrying out practical work throughout both years, awarded on completion of year Y13.


Where can it lead?

Biology lends itself to a wide variety of courses and careers. Some of these include: Biochemistry, botany, forensic science, nursing, medicine, pharmacy, ecology, landscaping, physiotherapy, biomedical engineering, police officer, zoology, marine biology, genetic technologist.

The possibilities are endless!

Staff List

Mr A Rogers

Subject Leader

  • Mrs R Hayes – Faculty Leader
  • Mr A Rogers
  • Miss E Chilvers
  • Mr J Turner
  • Mrs F Smith
Exam Board

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Textbook ISBN numbers:

  • AS – 978 1 447 99079 6
  • A2 – 978 1 447 99080 2
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