At Wickersley, we expect a lot from our students, but we give a lot in return. 

Wickersley Sixth Form offers a blend of freedom and independence, alongside the tried-and-tested working practices of an outstanding secondary school. Class sizes are small enough to allow teachers to focus on individuals, and the dedicated sixth form team is on hand to offer comprehensive support whenever needed.

We have a different feel to other sixth forms and colleges. We want our students to be independent learners, and we give them opportunities to do so, but we also want them to take ownership of their learning. For some students, this is a difficult balance to strike. Whilst some thrive in the freer environment that sixth form provides, some need a little more supervision and intervention and we’re there to provide any support necessary.  

We are convinced that behaviours, habits and attitudes to study are the most influential factor in determining a student’s success (and not just their natural ability). Put simply, hard work and determination pay; students who knuckle down and make the most of the support that is offered by us will make a success of sixth form.

The recipe for success at Wickersley is simple; work hard, develop good study habits, listen carefully to feedback, and remain buoyant after disappointment and setback. Having dreams and goals is very important too – students must focus on these throughout their studies.

But we value more than just grades.

We’re proud of how much we support our students for life beyond sixth form. On their very first day with us, we’ll encourage students to think about where they want to go after sixth form and create an actionable plan to get there.

Our pastoral programme has been carefully designed to prepare students for sixth form study and beyond. Our blend of enrichment, tutorial, lectures, work experience and student support ensures that every student receives a personalised programme of study. This programme runs alongside academic qualifications and is intended to hone students’ study skills and develop a strength of character that will prepare them for their future in higher education, work, or further training.

We aim to send every young person into the world able and qualified to play their full role in it.

Mr S Gaynor

Head of Sixth Form

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