• All students must register and confirm their place online, including students who have previously attended Wickersley School & Sports College.
  • You must register and confirm your place immediately on the Thursday the 25th of August
  • Failure to register immediately on Thursday the 25th of August may delay your application.
  • After you have completed your registration, and we have checked your application, we will send you confirmation and details about where you need to go on your first day (Friday the 2nd of September)
  • Sixth form will check that you have met the entry requirements for the subjects you have chosen, if you have not met an entry requirement, you’ll be contacted by sixth form and asked to pick an alternative course.
  • If you are having trouble confirming your place through our registration portal, please contact us at sixthform@wickersley.net
  • If you no longer wish to study with us, please email sixthform@wickersley.net to withdraw your application.


  • If you attended Wickersley School & Sports College, we do not need any confirmation of your GCSE results (we already have these)
  • If you DID NOT attend Wickersley School & Sports College you must email a copy of your GCSE results to sixthform@wickersley.net
  • We will only accept copies of your original exam results (photograph or scan)
  • Failure to provide a copy of your original exam results may delay your application


–  Can I study a subject if I don’t meet the entry requirements

Unfortunately, not. We know from experience that if you do not meet the entry requirements for a subject, you’re unlikely to perform well in it

–  Can the option blocks change?

Very unlikely at this stage. We try our best to accommodate students’ requests, but we understand that we can’t please everybody

–  Can I change my option choices?

You can swap subjects until the end of September

–  Could my options change?

Subjects will only run if classes are large enough. We notify students early.

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Assistant Head of Sixth Form – Mrs Cruise – acruise@wickersley.net

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