Wickersley 6th form are given the opportunity to be selected to take part in an additional qualification as part of their studies.

This is the AQA Extended Project Qualification (EPQ), which is the equivalent of half an A level and is highly regarded by universities as an indicator of strong research and independent learning skills, therefore benefitting your application to higher education.

You will be fully guided and supported throughout the process by a project supervisor who will be allocated to you and centre coordinator.

The course runs as two cohorts, either November – April or June – November, meaning you will be expected to organise the research around your other academic work, exams and school holidays.

If you think you may be interested in taking part in this additional qualification there will be posters in the 6th Form common room advising you when to register your interest with the 6th form office and complete a research proposal form (also available from the 6th form office).

EPQ gives students the opportunity to:

  • Expand and control their studies by producing a single piece of work;
  • Demonstrate planning, preparation, research and independent working;
  • Be responsible for proposing your own research project based on something you are interested in;
  • Explore an aspect of a subject you are already studying or intend to study in the future.

The project requires you to:

  • Produce a single finished product, which may be a:
  • Written report;
  • Performance;
  • Piece of art;
  • Community project;
  • CD/DVD; or
  • Computer software.
  • Complete a presentation to outline your research and findings.
  • Attend 1 extra lesson a week to work through the skills needed.
  • Organise and attend regular meetings with your supervisor.

You can read more about the qualification on the AQA website www.aqa.org.uk. Any other queries you may have should be directed to Mr T Brown (tbrown@wickersley.net).