Key Stage 5

Why study this course?

In this course you will gain an understanding of the travel and tourism industry, which is one of the fastest growing industries in the UK. There are many influences on this industry and they are changing all the time, some of which are in control of the travel industry, others are not. You will gain an understanding of how organisations react to these changes and trends to determine their present and future operating roles. In addition to learning about the travel and tourism industry students will develop a vast range of skills to help them in further education or employment. Including: the use of maps and atlases, independence, time management, team work and business management.


What will I study?

Year 12 

The Travel and Tourism BTEC will comprise of four units, three of which of mandatory. During Y12, students will study ‘The world of travel and tourism’ which is an externally assessed examination and ‘Managing the customer experience’ which is internally assessed coursework.

‘The world of travel and tourism’ is an introduction to the Travel and Tourism industry. Students investigate why and how people travel and the factors that can affect the tourism industry.

‘Managing the customer experience’ allows students to understand the importance of customer service in the Travel and Tourism industry. It also gives students the opportunity to develop their customer service skills.

Year 13

During Y13 students will study ‘Global Destinations’ which is an externally assessed piece of controlled assessment and ‘Visitor Attractions’ this is an internally assessed piece of coursework.


How will I be assessed?

You will be assessed through 1 examination and 3 pieces of controlled assessment, some of which is marked internally by your teacher, others which is marked externally via the examiner.


Where can it lead?

A travel and tourism course offers vocational training and helps you develop strong business management and communication skills, broadening your job prospects Job options Jobs directly related to your course include:

  • Holiday representative
  • Tour manager
  • Tourism officer
  • Tourist information centre manager
  • Travel agency manager

Jobs where the course would be useful include:

  • Customer service manager
  • Event organiser
  • Hotel manager
  • Marketing executive
  • Outdoor activities/education manager
  • And many other customer service related jobs.
Staff List

Miss M Banbery

Subject Leader

  • Mrs E Lucchessi – Faculty Leader
  • Mrs M Banbery
  • Miss N Brown
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