Key Stage 5

Why study this course?

You should choose Performing Arts if you enjoy performing plays, portraying different characters and enjoy a practical-based subject. You should have excellent group work skills and also be prepared to write about your own ideas in detail.

You may have other performance experience or want to try something new. The important thing is to be confident about performing to an audience and be open-minded about exploring new ways of working.

Your studies in Drama could be complemented by work in English Literature, Dance, Music or Film Studies where students have successfully utilised their Drama skills. Ideally, you need a Level 2 programme of learning, with GCSEs or vocational learning to be successful at Performing Arts.


What will I study?

Over the 2 year course you will study a wide and varied range of mandatory and optional units. Some of which include Developing Skills and Techniques for Live Performance, Group Performance Workshop and Investigating Practitioners Work to Writing for Performance, Storytelling or even Musical Theatre Techniques. All of which will stretch your abilities as a performer. The BTEC course allows us the flexibility to pick units that are most suitable to the students who have opted to study it.


How will I be assessed?

You will be required you to complete a wide range of units and assessments, from examinations and written work to practical assignments. You will need to build a portfolio of the assignment work you complete, as evidence of your achievements on the BTEC. The course demands practical, creative and communication skills.


Where can it lead?

A qualification in Performing Arts can lead to further study in higher education at degree or HND level or drama school. In addition to the performing arts sector-specific content, this qualification provides learners with the opportunity to develop all-round performance skills and transferable skills such as self-confidence, self-presentation, personal discipline, time management and organisational skills which are highly regarded by higher education and employers.

Staff List

Mrs H Watts

Subject Leader

  • Mr D Dixon – Faculty Leader
  • Mrs H Watts
  • Mr A Hart
  • Mr A Lancashire
  • Mrs J Mason
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