Key Stage 5

Why study this course?

A practical course in music tech will help you to:- learn how to make decisions, develop self-discipline learn how to co-operate with others and work as a member of a team learn to accept responsibility, develop an awareness and sensitivity to others learn to organize the work of others, develop flexibility and adaptability develop co-ordination skills, develop self awareness and self confidence develop creativity, inventiveness and the ability to use initiative


What will I study?

Year 12

  • 366 – Music Sequencing and Production
  • 375 – Radio/Podcast production
  • 327 – Understanding Recording Techniques
  • 369 – Digital Recording and Production

Year 13

  • 388 – Live Sound recording and Sound reinforcement
  • 349 – Planning for a Career in Music


How will I be assessed?

All work is internally assessed with the exception of unit 388 which is externally assessed


Where can it lead?

This course can lead you on to music college or university or work in the Audio/Media industry

Staff List

Mr D Dixon

Head of Faculty

  • Mr D Dixon
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