Key Stage 5

Why study this course?

Geography provides students with the opportunity to study the world around them, to see the many patterns and processes we interact with and to develop both our understanding and our ability to evaluate the real world. This course provides students with a fantastic knowledge base but also with the skills to use this knowledge and implement it in a real life situation. A’level geography tests many skills rigorously and in no way is easy, however it will mean that you will finish the course with the knowledge and skills to engage in further education or into the work place. A’level geography prepares you for life!


What will I study?

Year 12 
Hazards, Water and Carbon Cycles and Changing Places

Year 13
Global Systems and Governance, Hot Desert Systems and Landscapes and Resource Security


How will I be assessed?

Two 2 and a half hour exams each worth 40% (Physical and Human Geography) and 20% Independent Geography Coursework, internally marked moderated externally.


Where can it lead?

Geography combines well with both arts and science subjects. You may already be thinking ahead to potential university and career choices so it is worth bearing in mind that geography is a broad based subject that really fits well for your future progression. For example, for careers in sustainability and green issues, urban regeneration, energy supply, retail location, managing the effects of hazards and climate change, geography is an obvious choice.

Staff List

Mr T Reynolds

Subject Leader

  • Mr S Gaynor – Faculty Leader
  • Mr T Reynolds
  • Mrs E Green
  • Ms A Thompson
  • Miss M Banberry
Exam Board

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Past Papers
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  • Being aware of the world around you, watching and reading the news and caring about the world are key for success.
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