Key Stage 5

Why study this course?

The Film Studies course offers a broad and coherent course of study which allows you the opportunity to broaden your knowledge and understanding of film. It allows you to develop your literacy skills and links to a wide range of subjects. It is both creative and academic. If you love film and want to be able to understand the process of film making, as well as the social, historical and political context of films then this is the subject for you.


What will I study?

Year 1
The AS course that can be offered is the same as A level Film but without the specialist topics – you still study the same eleven films. We are currently running the course at full A Level but may also offer the AS level next year.


Year 2

The content will be assessed across two examination components and one production component. This allows learners the freedom to express their own practical interests as potential film-makers. You will study eleven film texts in relation to film elements, meaning and response as well as the context of film. You will also study narrative, ideology and spectatorship. In addition, for the coursework component of the program of study, you will create a film production, drawing on the cinematic influences and insights gained from the range of the films studied throughout the course.


How will I be assessed?

The A Level Film Studies qualification is made up of three components with the following weighting:

Component 1 – American Film

  • Section A: Hollywood 1930 – 1990 (comparative study)
  • Section B: American independent film 35% (90 marks)

Component 2 – European Film Section A: British Film (two film study)

  • Section B: European Film 35% (90 marks)

Component 3 – Production Non-exam assessment

  • Option 1: Film Extract (2.5-3.5 minutes) OR Option 2: Screenplay Extract (& 15 frame digital storyboard)
  • Evaluative Analysis (1000-1250 words) 30% (60 marks)


Where can it lead?

It leads to many degree level courses at university as well as future careers prospects in the Film or Media Industries, but as it is also fantastic for learning literacy, communication and leadership skills it can lead to any career involving decision making, analysis and the delivery of a presentation. In film, we learn about life.

Staff List

Mrs G Hale

Course Leader

Mr D Dixon – Faculty Leader

Exam Board

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Past Papers
Revision Sites

We also pay a subscription to Film Ed so you will have access to the resources on here – film.edusites

Film Education


Into Film

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The Numbers

WJEC Eduqas Film Studies for A Level & AS Textbook

AS and A2 Film Studies Paperback – 27 May 2008 by Sarah Casey Benyahia – we have a copy for each student.

DVDs of each film and study guides.

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