Key Stage 5

Why study this course?

Core maths is a new qualification designed for students who have a Grade 5 or 6 at GCSE and who wish to continue to study mathematics in Y12.  It is equivalent to an AS grade and will be studied as a one year course. This should be chosen as a 4th subject to complement your studies in option blocks A, B & C.

Mathematical skills are becoming increasingly important in the workplace and in higher education and the Core Mathematics course encourages students to keep up these essential skills. In particular, it encourages students in the following areas:

•      Fluency in procedural skills, common problem-solving skills and strategies

•      Confidence in applying mathematical and statistical thinking and reasoning in a range of new and unfamiliar contexts to solve real-life problems.

Core maths focuses on interpreting and explaining solutions to problems in context.  The preliminary material is given to students in the weeks prior to their assessment and students are then asked to analyse this data using the mathematical techniques that they have learnt.


What will I study?

Over the one year course you will study these mathematical areas:

•      Application of statistics

•      Probability

•      Linear programming

•      Sequences, growth and finance


The statistical and financial elements of the course support work in other subjects such as Psychology, Business Studies, Geography, Sociology, Economics and Biology.


How will I be assessed?

There will be two assessments, both taken at the end of the one year course.

The preliminary material that is provided in the weeks prior to the assessments will be explored and analysed in these calculator based assessments:

Assessment 1: (40%)

Assessment 2: (60%)


Where can it lead?

Core maths was developed as employers and universities had identified a lack of maths skills in some school graduates.  Students taking the Core maths qualification will maintain and work to improve their maths skills over their year of study.  This will place them in a stronger position when applying those maths skills in other subjects or applying for jobs.

Staff List

Dr A Bosson

Subject Leader

  • Mr M Tipper – Faculty Leader
  • Mr D Wong
  • Dr A Bosson
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