Key Stage 5

Why study this course?

Our Applied Business course provides students with essential transferable skills to ensure they go one step further in preparing themselves for further study or employment. This course has been designed with both student and employers’ needs in mind to prepare students for a competitive job market. The Applied Business course delivers similar content to the A-level Business route but simply assesses students in a different manner, approximately 60% of the assessment is coursework based. The course aims to teach students a variety of fundamental business and entrepreneurial skills.


What will I study?

Year 12 
Applied Business focuses on four key themes: people, markets, finance and operational delivery. The course aims to teach students a variety of fundamental business and entrepreneurial skills.

Topics include:

  • The role of finance in planning an enterprise, analysing and making financial decisions
  • How organisations use human, physical and financial resources to achieve goals
  • Enterprising behaviour and how it encourages entrepreneurial opportunities.

Year 13
Learners undertake a programme of assessment which measures their knowledge and understanding of business whilst equipping them with skills to plan and deliver products and services. In addition to the units taken as a part of the Certificate qualification, learners will cover topics such as:

  • How managers organise, motivate and lead employees through change to achieve business objectives
  • Skills and processes required to develop, present and evaluate a business proposal
  • Skills and processes required to develop an e-business proposal for a new business
  • The planning, coordination and management of a one-off event to support a business proposal
  • The development of a marketing communications mix for a business proposal and a schedule of marketing communications.


How will I be assessed?

Level 3 (AS equivalent) Asssessment

  • Financial Planning and Analysis – 1 externally assessed exam
  • Business Dynamics – 1 internally assessed (within school) business portfolio (coursework)
  • Entrepreneurial Opportunities- 1 externally assessed business portfolio (coursework)

Level 3 Extended (A2 equivalent) Assessment

  • Managing and Leading People – 1 externally assessed exam
  • Developing a business proposal – 1 internally assessed (within school) business portfolio (coursework)
  • A final piece of externally assessed coursework


Where can it lead?

This qualification is extremely flexible as it allows students the freedom to go onto higher education or straight into employment. The variety of assessments and approach to learning means students often acquire and abundance of transferable skills that employers look for. Students go on to university or into the job market to pursue careers in Marketing, Events Management and Bookkeeping. The Applied General Certificate compliments a range of other subjects such as Fashion and Sport that students may wish to pursue in higher education.

Staff List

Miss S Robotham

Subject Leader

  • Mr S Gaynor – Faculty Leader
  • Miss S Robotham
  • Mr D Ward
  • Ms E Guest
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